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What up y'all! Yes your boy Haj is back and I'm extremely excited to announce my latest pre-order. As promised, One Leg Up Records returns to bring you the third installment of our "Heavy Pieces" series. This time we introduce another one of our favorite Brooklyn producer/emcees: Lord Digga! As many of you know, Lord Digga was an integral part of Masta Ace Incorporated’s classic "Slaughtahouse" and "Sittin’ On Chrome" LPs, as both a rapper and producer, and a member of the production duo Bluez Brothers. From his incredible debut verse on "Saturday Night Live" to memorable features on "Crazy Drunkin Style", "The B-Side", "4 Da Mind" and others, Lord Digga was an immediate favorite to underground fans everywhere. With his combination of humorous punchlines and rugged vocals, Digga’s appearances on the INC albums always entertained. As a member of The Bluez Brothers, Lord Digga (alongside his partner Norm) was also a 90’s beat heavyweight. Having not only worked on Ace’s albums, but projects from Notorious B.I.G., Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Cella Dwellas, Dredknotz, Mystidious Misfitss and many others, The Bluez Brothers are now remembered for that excellent raw production sound that is now missing from contemporary hip hop.

Between the years of 1992 to 1996, Digga worked on his debut project, which began being conceptualized during his side artist work with Delicious Vinyl, but finally moved to Big Beat Records. Hip hop fans were initially teased by 1995’s "The Southpaw EP" on indie West Coast label Southpaw Recordings, which featured two classic Lord Digga tracks; "Sex" and "Feel It". After a big reaction on NYC underground radio in the Spring of ’95 (most specifically the Stretch Armstrong show on 89.9FM), the lane was cleared for Digga to commence finishing his debut album. Going into the studio around this time, Digga’s mindset was to create a hip hop classic.

After securing the deal with Big Beat, Lord Digga recorded several new records. Jumping the gun, Big Beat released the song "Man Digga Comin’ Thru" on a promotional single in 1996. According to Digga, this song wasn’t supposed to be leaked and the material he had on deck had greatly surpassed the label’s choice. Ironically, the single did well anyway and the underground scene in NYC and elsewhere were fiending for more! Unfortunately, label politics prevailed and Lord Digga’s project was caught up in the turmoil regarding the dissolution of Big Beat Records and the incorporation of all artists signed to Big Beat into Atlantic Records proper. Along with many others signed to Big Beat at the time, Lord Digga’s project never saw the light of day, and fans have been left to speculate for almost 13 years about either the existence of his album or how much of it was really completed...

Fast forward to 2008… One Leg Up Records, in partnership with Lord Digga, has unearthed the two-inch reels, half-inch reels and original DAT tapes from this amazing shelved project. What was discovered was incredible… A vintage, mid-90’s album of classic caliber! Gritty smacking drums, heavy basslines, filters, horn echoes, scratching and raw lyricism all contained within. Having painstakingly worked with Lord Digga to archive this music, this 8 track EP is being released in exceptional master quality. Listening to this release only makes you wonder about the impact that this project would have rightfully had if it had been released on time. Regardless, One Leg Up has brought this to the surface to be shared with a lucky few, so get ready for another mind-blowing trip into the vaults of an unreleased masterpiece. One Leg Up is constantly focused on bringing you the best of what you always wanted and DJ 4XL makes no small issue of doing that… This record is limited to only 200 pieces, as all OLU releases will continue to honor the limited nature of our series. This vinyl EP will never be repressed or re-issued at a later time, which holds true for all One Leg Up releases. I expect this wax to move the fastest out of all OLU releases, based on the sheer fact that the material is not only incredible and comes as an 8-song EP, but this unknown music has been highly sought after in the curious minds of so many hip hop heads worldwide. Please do not delay in reserving your copy - get your pre-order in immediately.

Remember, as part of OLU's "Heavy Pieces" series, this is the 3rd release out of 5 total limited releases we are putting out. Things are only getting better as our series is winding down and having already taken you from Uptown to Brooklyn, our next release (OLU-004) is going to take you all the way up top to the Boogie Down BX (and TRUST ME, you will enjoy the ride)! Prepare to stay in a perpetual cycle of head-nodding.

At the end of the series, upon release of the 5th and final title, we will be announcing and giving away a FREE bonus record (OLU-LTD1). This extremely rare and exclusive bonus record will ONLY be available to purchasers of all five of our releases in this series. It will be of the same caliber and quality as any regular OLU release. This is my way of showing love back to those of you who spend hard earned money to support projects such as these that would otherwise be impossible to release. In order to qualify for the free bonus wax, it does include the requirement of having purchased the sold out OLU-001 and OLU-002 titles as well.

Ordering information and snippets are posted below.



01. "Brand Nu Day" *
02. "Watch Ya Back (feat. Logic)"
03. "Party Jam (feat. Masta Ace & Leschea)" *
04. "High Like A Bird"


01. "Enemy Lines (feat. Logic)"
02. "Take the Cake"
03. "Word Play"
04. "Good Vibrations ['92 Demo Mix] (feat. Masta Ace)"

All songs produced by Bluez Brothers
* Co-produced by Ase One

SNIPPETS of all 8 tracks on the EP can be heard here:


- Pre-orders are being taken NOW. Get your order in and reserve your wax.
- Limited to only 200 copies, this collector's EP will not be repressed. Once they're gone, they're gone!
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PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping prices only reflect our cost and are not inflated by any means. Please keep in mind that the US Postal Service has raised their rates due to the rising cost of gas. We have done our best to keep costs low and prices as fair as possible based on the amount of capital required to make a limited 200 run vinyl release and ensure that the artists involved are compensated while maintaining the highest level of quality for our product. This is a very special project and no shorts have been taken whatsoever in making this EP a reality.

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-Haj "4XL"
One Leg Up Records '08
Lord Digga here representing for One Leg Up and "The High Plains Drifter EP".. This is the man with the CRAZY DRUNKIN STYLE!