Tuesday, March 31, 2009


DJ 4XL & One Leg Up Records present:


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Peace world! As promised, I am proud to announce that the One Leg Up saga continues with another groundbreaking series! We had a lot of fun with the "Heavy Pieces" series and releasing an unprecedented 6 releases in less then a year gave us great satisfaction. Still, now it is time to redefine things a bit and get into our 2009 movement; the "Crispy Nuggets" series!

First up, we thought we would give everyone what they REALLY want: Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth unreleased joints!!

OLU Records has connected with C.L. Smooth to finally unearth some of the legendary sessions that were not included on the seminal "All Souled Out" EP. While these sessions always seemed to be a bit of an urban legend, a few of them had actually leaked on WBLS "In Control" back in the day. Once the debut EP was released, the duo quickly went on to change hip-hop history and these early tracks were all but forgotten! Fast forward to 2009.....Thought lost forever, 4XL has done the unexpected in working with C.L. to unearth these vintage treasures. Mastered and restored to optimum quality, this is a hip-hop goldmine, and this 5 track EP is a testament to the late 80's sound merging into the early 90's one. Of course, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth were two of the main architects of this sharp turn in the golden era....Songs like the one-time WBLS exclusive "The Midnight Wrecka" and the fast-rap "Go C.L." sport an aggressive 1989/1990 feel that was probably scrapped in favor of updated material like "The Creator" or "The Good Life". Still the laid back "Cool and Calm" and "Down To Wreck Ya Body" head in the direction of the vintage "All Souled Out" flavor. Last, we are treated to a somewhat alternate version of "Go With The Flow". All the cuts are heavy on the scratching, courtesy of Pete Rock and it is lovely indeed! This is vintage Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth goodness and an essential to any Hip-Hop collection! This one won't last for too long so start your "Crispy Nuggets" series collections promptly and accurately; we have much more in store! We've also switched over to a new vinyl pressing plant so expect the wax to be super...

Remember, just like our previous series, this is the 1st release out of 5 total limited releases we are putting out in this set. As usual, we will be releasing the unexpected throughout our new "Crispy Nuggets" series and of course at the end of the new series, upon release of the final title, we will again be announcing and giving away another FREE bonus record (OLU-LTD2)! This extremely rare and exclusive bonus record will ONLY be available to purchasers of all five of our releases in this new series. It will be of the same caliber and quality as any regular OLU release (and will be just as crazy as OLU-LTD1)! This is my way of showing love back to those of you who spend hard-earned money to support projects such as these that would otherwise be impossible to release. In order to qualify for the free bonus wax, it will require purchasing OLU-006, OLU-007, OLU-008, OLU-009 and OLU-010. Same rules as last time. I want to thank everyone in advance for partaking in our next journey; we WILL improve your vinyl collections!

Ordering information and snippets are posted below.


01. "The Midnight Wrecka"
02. "Cool and Calm"

01. "Go C.L."
02. "Down To Move Ya Body"
03. "Go With The Flow [Alternate Mix]"

All songs produced by Pete Rock

SNIPPETS of all 5 tracks on the EP can be heard here:



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- Price is 80.00 USD plus shipping & handling fees.
- These records are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
- We are accepting payments worldwide with PayPal in US currency.
- Records will be shipping the week of May 3rd, 2009 from New York City, USA

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PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping prices only reflect our cost and are not inflated by any means. Please keep in mind that the US Postal Service has raised their rates due to the rising cost of gas. We have done our best to keep costs low and prices as fair as possible based on the amount of capital required to make a limited 200 run vinyl release and ensure that the artists involved are compensated while maintaining the highest level of quality for our product. This is a very special project and no shorts have been taken whatsoever in making this EP a reality.

Any and all inquiries regarding this release and/or purchasing questions can be directed to me at: OneLegUpRecords@gmail.com

Thanks for your continued support.

-Haj "4XL"

CL Smooth "The Mecca Don" representing for OLU:

Friday, March 13, 2009


To all my patiently waiting OLU customers:

We're definitely kicking off a good Friday the 13th with great news. The Beatnuts EP and Godfather Don bonus EP's have arrived and are looking and sounding great! All throughout the weekend I will be busy preparing all the packages for mailing. Everything will be shipped off on Monday the 16th. For those of you who are receiving your records via int'l Express or domestic Priority/Express, you should be receiving a shipment notification from PayPal's system in the next couple days.

In the future, I look to avoid any possible delays like this and I'm taking different manufacturing measures when approaching my next releases.

Thanks so much once again to all of you who have purchased, inquired or just have enjoyed the music One Leg Up has been releasing. 2009 will be a very exciting year and I am very close to announcing the next series. You will literally be blown away by the first release and with true OLU passion, the "Crispy Nuggets" series will begin with quite an enormous bang. Stay tuned my brothers!

Best regards,

-Haj "4XL"
One Leg Up Records '09