Friday, August 21, 2009



Shout to everyone who has been supportive and complimentary of the Brand Nubian EP. I always appreciate hearing from you guys after debuting an OLU title.

Now to my very special announcement! Around the time that I announced this most recent OLU release, I was in the final stages of closing a deal for a record I had actually originally intended to be OLU-LTD1 in the last series. My communication with their camp had been ongoing for quite some time. The good news is that I finalized the deal and it is now set in stone. I am in fact so excited about it (among other reasons explained below) that I decided to no longer keep it a secret like I did with the last series. While it was a great surprise and a rewarding endeavor for the fans, many of you were unsure of what the end of the first series had to offer. That is why I had set aside copies out of each 200 pressing and had sets available for anyone who wanted to play catch-up in order to qualify for OLU-LTD1. I figured that was only fair, as there would've been many of you regretting that you didn't purchase every title in the previous 'Heavy Pieces' series after the Don EP was unveiled.

With the current state of the 'Crispy Nuggets' series, I will not be offering any "catch-up" opportunities at the end, mainly because there are literally NO copies of OLU-006 (Pete Rock & CL) lying around whatsoever. If you missed out on that title, you have already missed out on your chance for OLU-LTD2. Period. Because of this unique scenario and the fact that I have now secured the final bonus title, I decided it was only fair to change the rules accordingly and go ahead and announce to the series' supporters what OLU-LTD2 will be. This way, those of you who are already locked in so far will know what to expect and anyone on the fence about what OLU-LTD2 is can decide whether or not they want to continue to qualify for the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jacks box. No more guessing.

This particular project has been something that my ears have been after since this artist released his debut album, and after almost a year of dealing with both the artist's camp and the archiver, I was finally able to get everybody on the same page, sign the deal and obtain the masters for... OLU-LTD2 - NASTY NAS - "Queensbridge Origins"! [1991 - 1993]

In an effort to maintain SOME mystique, I am not going to let the entire cat out of the bag, but I will say that it is literally DAT quality copies of a couple joints that you might be familiar with, as well as a couple joints that you won't be!!! Importantly, they are all compiled from the original studio DATs; no hissy cassette demo transfers here. To uncover these particular joints, for the first time in this quality, is undoubtedly the crowning achievement of my archiving mission. This record is why I started doing this in the first place... This is also my way of rewarding all the series supporters in a BIG way.

Of course, I will continue to have my fun with OLU-008, 009, and 010 and keep up my surprises ;-) I will also playfully drop a hint or two about the composition of OLU-LTD2 along the way also...

With that said, in regards to OLU-007 I am down to under 60 copies which includes unpaid invoices. As you now know, One Leg Up has considerably raised the stakes, so come on with the git down.

More info to come, stay tuned...

P.S. - Mega props to all of you who have personally e-mailed to congratulate me on my new marriage. The Mrs. is having a hard time adjusting to my insane work ethic as you all know I'm up almost all hours of the day and night when there is a new OLU record. Suffice to say, she is going to have to adapt. ;-)

E-mail: at any time.

Peace brothers,

-Haj "4XL"
One Leg Up Records '09

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


DJ 4XL & One Leg Up Records present:


PRE-ORDERS available NOW!

Peace and blessings! After a LONG and protracted hiatus (your boy got married in July), DJ 4XL is finally back to continue on with OLU’s groundbreaking new “Crispy Nuggets” series! This time, OLU has gotten down with the legendary Grand Puba Maxwell to dust off some unreleased Brand Nubian flavor!!!

As I said last time, One Leg Up has quite a few surprises with this new series, and we are proud to unearth seven Brand Nubian rarities; all done before and in between the classic LPs of “One For All”, “Reel To Reel” and “Foundation”. Of course, as usual, there is some serious hip-hop history behind these tracks….

“How Ya Livin’” is a previously unheard of demo recorded prior to “One For All” and it is produced by none other than, the chocolate boy wonder, Pete Rock! The vintage track comes complete with the Soul Brother #1's trademark cuts as well. “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That” is an uptempo early Nubian joint as well. On this track you hear Puba taking parting shots at Strong City Records and declaring that both his Masters of Ceremony days and style is over! “The Devil” is a conscious record, that was scrapped prior to “One For All”, but serious Grand Puba fans will undoubtedly recognize that the hook and song concept was later revisited for the track “Soul Controller” on Puba’s debut LP, “Reel To Reel”. “Mind Your Business”, as you might recall, was a b-side only track released during “Reel To Reel”. This original version sports a Hall and Oates sample that could not be cleared, prompting Dante Ross / Stimulated Dummies to remix the song for the 12”. Fortunately in 2009, the version that Grand Puba preferred is finally available to collectors. “Where is Puba?” is somewhat of an early version of “Check It Out”. The vocalist that appears on this track was an artist who Puba was recording with before Mary J. Blige. The original version of “Probable Cause” features a different beat then the one that made the final version of “Foundation”. As you might recall, the released version used the Grover Washington Jr. “Knucklehead” sample (best known on K-Solo’s “Fugitive”). This version is a LOT better in my opinion and I have no idea why they changed it? Last but not least, the “Love vs. Hate” alternate version treats us to a completely different Sadat X vocal performance and still maintains to be a favorite from the “Foundation” project. Oh yeah, this EP is quite heavy! One Leg Up has returned from an extended absence, but is fast to make up for it with VINTAGE Brand Nubian….Keep your continued attention on our series; we are just warming up and we WILL end this series with our usual bang too…

Remember, just like our previous series, this is the 2nd release out of 5 total limited releases we are putting out in this set. As usual, we will be releasing the unexpected throughout our new "Crispy Nuggets" series and of course at the end of this new series, upon release of the final title, we will again be announcing and giving away another FREE bonus record (OLU-LTD2)! This extremely rare and exclusive bonus record will ONLY be available to purchasers of all five of our releases in this new series. It will be of the same caliber and quality as any regular OLU release (and will be just as crazy as OLU-LTD1)! This is my way of showing love back to those of you who spend hard-earned money to support projects such as these that would otherwise be impossible to release. In order to qualify for the free bonus wax, it will require purchasing OLU-006, OLU-007, OLU-008, OLU-009 and OLU-010. The same rules as last time, and I want to thank everyone in advance for their continued support of our movement.

Ordering information and snippets are posted below.


01. "How Ya Livin’" *
02. "I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That"
03. "The Devil"

01. "Mind Your Business (Original Mix)"
02. "Where Is Puba?"
03. "Probable Cause (Original Mix)"
04. “Love Vs. Hate” [Alternate Version] +

Produced by Brand Nubian
* Produced by Pete Rock
+ Produced by Lord Finesse

SNIPPETS of all 7 tracks on the EP can be heard here:


- Pre-orders are being taken NOW. Get your order in and reserve your wax.
- Limited to only 200 copies, this collector's EP will not be repressed. Once they're gone, they're gone!
- The EP comes in a standard black jacket with black & white sticker at top.
- Price is 80.00 USD plus shipping & handling fees.
- These records are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
- We are accepting payments worldwide with PayPal in US currency.
- Records will be shipping the week of September 21st, 2009 from New York City, USA

To PRE-ORDER now, send an e-mail to:

In the subject please write: PRE-ORDER: OLU-007

Provide the following information in your e-mail:

1. Your PayPal e-mail
2. Your full name (first and last)
3. Your full shipping address, printed as it should read for the postal carrier in your region
4. Quantity
5. Shipping option (choose from below, either REGULAR or EXPRESS) *

Price per copy is $80.00

****ANNOUNCEMENT**** If you live in FRANCE, it is now mandatory that you pay EMS (express) for insured shipping with tracking. Unfortunately due to slow mailing in that country and various other postal issues we must do this. Hopefully this won’t extend to other territories in the future and we apologize in advance for making this new policy, but we need to address the recurring problems with the French postal system. Thanks.

REGULAR SHIPPING (no insurance/tracking)
For shipping without insurance or tracking provided, please add:

$7.00 - USA [USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days]
$8.00 - CANADA [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]
$14.50 - UK & EUROPE [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]
$17.00 - JAPAN & AUSTRALIA [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]

Add $2.00 for each additional record if purchasing multiple copies.

EXPRESS SHIPPING (with insurance/tracking)
For shipping that includes insurance and tracking details, please add:

$20.00 - USA [USPS Express Mail next day]
$25.00 - CANADA [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]
$32.00 - UK & EUROPE [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]
$30.00 - JAPAN & AUSTRALIA [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]

Add $3.00 for each additional record if purchasing multiple copies.

Please verify carefully that your shipping address is 100% correct to avoid any shipping errors.

After your e-mail is received, we will send you a PayPal invoice with the proper total. When your payment is complete, your copies will be reserved and in queue to be shipped the week of May 3rd, 2009.

Make sure to get your pre-order e-mails in to us as soon as possible as this record will sell out quickly. In the event that we have sold out all 200 copies, you will receive an e-mail notification that all copies have been sold and you will not receive a PayPal invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping prices only reflect our cost and are not inflated by any means. Please keep in mind that the US Postal Service has raised their rates due to the rising cost of gas. We have done our best to keep costs low and prices as fair as possible based on the amount of capital required to make a limited 200 run vinyl release and ensure that the artists involved are compensated while maintaining the highest level of quality for our product. This is a very special project and no shorts have been taken whatsoever in making this EP a reality.

Any and all inquiries regarding this release and/or purchasing questions can be directed to me at:

Thanks for your continued support.

-Haj "4XL"

Mr. Puba Maxwell signifying for OLU: