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Taking pre-orders for OLU-005 NOW!

Peace everyone! I hope you all are starting off the new year on a positive note! I'm proud to announce that the One Leg Up legacy continues with the fifth and last installment of the “Heavy Pieces” series and yes, as promised, we are also announcing our bonus EP to those who have collected ALL five mail order releases. This will be the first of several announcements to be made this week about our “Heavy Pieces” series finales and One Leg Up in general….BUT for now, brace yourself for some never heard before bangers from hip-hop legends; The Beatnuts and.... Godfather Don!

In true OLU tradition, we keep digging below the surface to bring you the type of hip-hop that heads think is impossible to obtain. We promised to end this series with a bang! This time One Leg Up has connected with The Beatnuts to unearth some early history from the Queens trio of Psycho Les, Juju and Fashion! Coming up in the NYC scene alongside The Jungle Brothers and ATCQ in the late 80’s and early 90’s, The Beatnuts emerged as the production arm of Chris Lighty’s Violator Productions. First getting to work on Native Tongue projects from Monie Love and Chi-Ali, The Beatnuts were simultaneously honing their craft as MC’s. With Les and Juju handling the production and some of the rhymes, Fashion was meant to be the prominent MC of the group. As it later turned out, his incarceration before the release of The Beatnuts debut “Intoxicated Demons” EP in 1993 was the impetus for Les and Juju grabbing the mic full time. Even still, on this EP you will hear early contributions from Les and Juju and even a pre-X-Men Rob Swift (then known simply as DJ Swift). These demo tracks were all recorded during the Native Tongue era of the group, and also represent their time with The Violators and Chi-Ali. Interestingly enough, two of these songs were early versions of tracks which appeared on Chi-Ali’s debut album, “The Fabulous Chi-Ali”. Fashion’s original reference vocals on the “In My Room” track are humorous when you remember Chi-Ali kicking those same sex rhymes as a 14 year old! Also on “Do That” you might recall this beat being used for the title song on Chi’s album, but this original version has Fashion kicking an up tempo fast rap flow, showing why he originally was the emceeing front man of the group. Also, according to Psycho Les, the track “Fashion Goes Off” is curious as to the Beatnuts early usage of the Sweet Linda Divine "I'll Say It Again" drums. Most astute break collectors would go on to forever associate those drums with Black Sheep’s classic “The Choice Is Yours”. Was there some creative borrowing in the Native Tongue crew? Hmmmm….Also on this incredible EP you will hear an original version of “Props Over Here” with some alternate lyrics and a rare radio promo done for DJ Red Alert. Combine all of these goodies with several other unreleased Beatnut songs and you have an essential EP of Native Tongue nineties goodness! Not bad from a trio who would later go on to help shape the course of 1990’s Hip-Hop. As always, One Leg Up has recovered, restored and mastered this 8 song EP to finally be shared with the world. As usual, this record is limited to only 200 pieces in continuance with the limited nature of our series. This vinyl EP will never be repressed or re-issued at a later time, which holds true for all One Leg Up releases. Please do not delay in reserving your copy - get your pre-order in immediately.

Remember, as part of OLU's "Heavy Pieces" series, this is the 5th release out of 5 total limited releases we are putting out in this set.

Now….To all those that have been keeping up to date with our series and have purchased every release thus far.... THE BONUS RECORD IS HERE!


It is finally here…We wanted to make this bonus record phenomenal for our supporters and we have listened to the deluge of requests for more GD material. This wasn’t very easy to deliver and second to our Lord Digga release, we put in the longest amount of time into the excavation of what we undoubtedly feel could be Don’s BEST unreleased work…

First of all, OLU really wants to thank the purchasing customers who have trooped this experience out with us since April 08. You guys made all of this happen and only because of that can an EP of this caliber be given away to ya’ll. We aim to please you and appreciate your faith in this series from day one. Moving onwards…

The “Ill Funk Freaker” EP consists of EIGHT unreleased songs found on Godfather Don’s original half-inch studio reels. Stored away for years, OLU and Don transported, baked, and dumped these last few remnants of his early 90’s home studio to find these treasures. What was uncovered was truly special! The highly coveted and sought after, “8 Million Stories”, an alternate version of “Slaves” with Kool Keith and six other Don masterpieces. All extracted off of the reels in perfect original quality! Turns out that “Where’z The Skillz?” and “Ain’t None Left” were actually originally vocal versions of two stripped down instrumentals that Don later used on his first installment of Hydra Beats. The hard and fast paced “Shoot The Two” features an early verse from Don collaborator Mic L (in a group called Da Funky Orphanz) and sadly, I don’t know why all of these songs were never released??? The bulk of this EP stands toe to toe with “Status”, “Piece Of The Action” and “Properties Of Steel”, which is why this is THE moment Godfather Don fans have been waiting for. Further cementing Don’s legacy as both a top notch lyricist AND beatsmith, this EP will undoubtedly continue the call for more early-to mid 90’s GD archives. Unfortunately after completely emptying these reels we sadly might be at the end of the line….Don’t miss out!


Yes this OLU-LTD1 is serious business….I hope everyone out there has kept up with us or you will be uninvolved with this unprecedented promo. If you know you qualify YOU MUST INCLUDE A REMINDER IN YOUR E-MAIL ALONG WITH YOUR ORDER OF OLU-005 STATING THAT YOU HAVE PURCHASED ALL FIVE RELEASES AND NOW QUALIFY. We will then check this against our sales records and appropriately reward our consistent customers. You MUST send us that e-mail or risk not getting a copy. We are only pressing enough to satisfy the people who purchased all the releases. Do not assume you will get one without contacting us! So please make sure you follow instructions carefully and note your request in your OLU-005 order. REMEMBER in order to qualify for the free bonus wax, it does include the requirement of having purchased the sold out OLU-001, OLU-002, OLU-003, OLU-004 and now OLU-005 titles as well. Thanks to everyone that has participated!

Ordering information and snippets are posted below.


01. "Snatch My Crops (feat. Ghetto)"
02. "Fashion Goes Off"
03. "You Got My Back"
04. "DJ Red Alert Promo 98.7 Kiss FM"

01. "Catch A Lil' Wreck (feat. Ronnie)" *
02. "Do That" *
03. "Props Over Here [Demo Version]"
04. "In My Room [Original Version]" *

All songs produced by The Beatnuts
* Scratches by DJ Swift

SNIPPETS of all 8 tracks on the EP can be heard here:


01. "Frontin' Ass Ducks"
02. "8 Million Stories"
03. "Ain't None Left"
04. "Ill Funk Freaker"

01. "Shoot the Two (feat. Da Funky Orphanz)"
02. "Yeah"
03. "Where'z the Skillz?"
04. "Slaves [Straight Jacket Mix] (feat. Kool Keith)"

All songs produced by Godfather Don

SNIPPETS of all 8 tracks on the EP can be heard here:


- Pre-orders for OLU-005 are being taken NOW. Get your order in and reserve your wax.
- Limited to only 200 copies, this collector's EP will not be repressed. Once they're gone, they're gone!
- The EP comes in a standard black jacket with black & white sticker at top.
- Price is 80.00 USD plus shipping & handling fees.
- These records are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
- We are accepting payments worldwide with PayPal in US currency.
- Records will be shipping the week of February 16th, 2009 from New York City, USA

To PRE-ORDER now, send an e-mail to:

In the subject please write: PRE-ORDER: OLU-005

Provide the following information in your e-mail:

1. Your PayPal e-mail
2. Your full name (first and last)
3. Your full shipping address, printed as it should read for the postal carrier in your region
4. Quantity
5. Shipping option (choose from below, either REGULAR or EXPRESS) ****
6. A reminder that you are to receive OLU-LTD1 if you are a qualifying customer

Price per copy is $80.00

****ANNOUNCEMENT**** If you live in FRANCE, it is now mandatory that you pay EMS (express) for insured shipping with tracking. Unfortunately due to slow mailing in that country and various other postal issues we must do this. Hopefully this won’t extend to other territories in the future and we apologize in advance for making this new policy, but we need to address the recurring problems with the French postal system. Thanks.. -Haj.

REGULAR SHIPPING (no insurance/tracking)
For shipping without insurance or tracking provided, please add:

$7.00 - USA [USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days]
$8.00 - CANADA [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]
$14.50 - UK & EUROPE (excluding France) [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]
$17.00 - JAPAN & AUSTRALIA [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]

Add $2.00 for each additional record if purchasing multiple copies.

EXPRESS SHIPPING (with insurance/tracking)
For shipping that includes insurance and tracking details, please add:

$20.00 - USA [USPS Express Mail next day]
$25.00 - CANADA [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]
$32.00 - UK & EUROPE [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]
$30.00 - JAPAN & AUSTRALIA [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]

Add $3.00 for each additional record if purchasing multiple copies.

Please verify carefully that your shipping address is 100% correct to avoid any shipping errors.

After your e-mail is received, we will send you a PayPal invoice with the proper total. When your payment is complete, your copies will be reserved and in queue to be shipped the week of February 16th, 2009.

Make sure to get your pre-order e-mails in to us as soon as possible as this record will sell out quickly. In the event that we have sold out all 200 copies, you will receive an e-mail notification that all copies have been sold and you will not receive a PayPal invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping prices only reflect our cost and are not inflated by any means. Please keep in mind that the US Postal Service has raised their rates due to the rising cost of gas. We have done our best to keep costs low and prices as fair as possible based on the amount of capital required to make a limited 200 run vinyl release and ensure that the artists involved are compensated while maintaining the highest level of quality for our product. This is a very special project and no shorts have been taken whatsoever in making this EP a reality.

Any and all inquiries regarding this release and/or purchasing questions can be directed to me at:

Thanks for your continued support.

-Haj "4XL"

Psycho Les holding it down with OLU:

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