Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Peace my fellow vinyl nuts! It's here.

DJ 4XL & One Leg Up Records present:

PRE-ORDERS available NOW

The wait is finally over as One Leg Up Records is proud to announce the official limited vinyl-only release of Herb McGruff's "The Demo EP" recorded in 1994 and produced by Godfather Don and Buckwild. As many of you know, Herb McGruff is an original member of the world famous Children of the Corn crew and a legendary Harlem MC. It has been rumored for quite sometime that McGruff recorded his first set of demos in '94 with Brooklyn production wizard Godfather Don. These recordings had been lost and unheard to the hip hop world until now, as we have caught up with Herb McGruff himself to bring this amazing EP to fruition. In addition to the four songs produced by Don, we were able to obtain an alternate studio demo of the immortally famous posse cut "8 Iz Enuff", which marked McGruff's first appearance on wax alongside Big L, Terra, Buddah Bless, Twan (bka Big Twan), Killa Kam (bka Cam'ron), Trooper J and Mike Boogie. This version features some alternate verses from the LP version, including an extended verse from McGruff, as well as an entirely different sequence/mix of the track which brings out elements of the original sample used for the filtered bassline. Definitely a timeless piece of hip hop history to own on US pressed wax. All 5 songs have been mastered from their original studio source and optimized for sound quality, while still preserving the appreciated rawness that these recordings embody. This EP will be limited to only 200 copies and is sure to be highly collectable and disappear quite fast, seeing as it is a very interesting and unique piece to own. As I like to put it, this record encompasses a true depiction of the hunger and energy of the time period, where an up and coming MC in the early 90's could get together with rock-solid beatsmiths and leave the studio with unadulterated flavor.



01. "East and Police" (Prod. by Godfather Don)
02. "I Keep My Palm On the Handle [Original Version]" (Prod. by Godfather Don)

01. "My Place" (Produced by Godfather Don)
02. "I Keep My Palm On the Handle [Remix]" (Prod. by Godfather Don)
03. "8 Iz Enuff [Demo Version]" (Prod. by Buckwild) w/ Big L, Terra, Buddah Bless, Twan, Killa Kam, Trooper J & Mike Boogie

SNIPPETS of all 5 tracks on the EP can be heard here:


- Pre-orders are being taken NOW. Get your order in and reserve your wax.
- Limited to only 200 copies, this collector's EP will not be repressed. Once they're gone, they're gone!
- The EP comes in a standard black jacket with black & white 4 1/4 x 5x5 sticker at top.
- Price is 80.00 USD plus shipping & handling fees.
- These records are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
- We are accepting payments worldwide with PayPal in US currency.
- Records will be shipping the week of April 28, 2008 from New York City, USA

To PRE-ORDER now, send an e-mail to: OneLegUpRecords@gmail.com

In the subject please write: PRE-ORDER: OLU-001

Provide the following information in your e-mail:

1. Your PayPal e-mail
2. Your full name (first and last)
3. Your full shipping address, printed as it should read for the postal carrier in your region
4. Quantity
5. Shipping option (choose from below, either REGULAR or EXPRESS)

Price per copy is $80.00

REGULAR SHIPPING (no insurance/tracking)
For shipping without insurance or tracking provided, please add:

$6.50 - USA [USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days]
$8.00 - CANADA [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]
$14.50 - UK & EUROPE [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]
$17.00 - JAPAN & AUSTRALIA [Airmail Parcel Post 7-10 days]
Add $2.00 for each additional record if purchasing multiple copies.

EXPRESS SHIPPING (with insurance/tracking)
For shipping that includes insurance and tracking details, please add:

$20.00 - USA [USPS Express Mail next day]
$25.00 - CANADA [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]
$32.00 - UK & EUROPE [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]
$30.00 - JAPAN & AUSTRALIA [USPS Express Mail Int'l 3-5 days]

Add $3.00 for each additional record if purchasing multiple copies.

Please verify carefully that your shipping address is 100% correct to avoid any shipping errors.

After your e-mail is received, we will send you a PayPal invoice with the proper total.

When your payment is complete, your copies will be reserved and in queue to be shipped the week of April 28th.

Make sure to get your pre-order e-mails in to us as soon as possible as this record will sell out quickly. In the event that we have sold out all 200 copies, you will receive an e-mail notification that all copies have been sold and you will not receive a PayPal invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping prices only reflect our cost and are not inflated by any means. Please keep in mind that the US Postal Service has raised their rates due to the rising cost of gas. We have done our best to keep costs low and prices as fair as possible based on the amount of capital required to make a limited 200 run vinyl release and ensure that the artists involved are compensated while maintaining the highest level of quality for our product. This is a very special project and no shorts have been taken whatsoever in making this EP a reality.

Any and all inquiries regarding this release and/or purchasing questions can be directed to me at: OneLegUpRecords@gmail.com

Please feel free to hit me up about absolutely anything.

We appreciate all your support in keeping real vintage hip hop on vinyl alive.

Best regards,

-Haj "4XL"
One Leg Up Records '08

McGruff saying peace to everyone who is supporting this project!


Diggers With said...

Great shit man - those Don beats are sick... and don't even get me started on "8 Iz Enuff"


RD / DWG Posse

MoreShots said...

ish is DOPE!

mad props.

Cro said...

Quality work, snippets sound amazing



Mad Human said...

Amayzing wax


madnice said...

ive had this for months. i never thought it would come out. good lookin oneleguprecords.

madnice said...

good luck with this and future projects.

djniceone said...

respect for the real hiphop lover who give a real 12" record in
for france, david dj nice