Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HUGE updates with Herb McGruff and more! OLU-002?

Peace all world!

I've got a couple big announcements to make from One Leg Up land.

Mega-thanks to all of you who have purchased and reserved your copies of the 200 copy limited Herb McGruff EP. I'm very happy from the response it has received and it is gratifying to know that this project will be a success for McGruff. We went into this vinyl idea a little cautious, due to the extremely high up front financial expense and time effort that is required to devote to such a project. Collectors such as yourselves who appreciate this music and medium most have made this EP entirely possible. Without your support, this material undoubtedly would've never surfaced, especially not on wax. I wanted to design a label that catered specifically to collectors and that will deliver high quality products without being concerned with what's going on in the "normal" vinyl distribution world, where these types of releases would not be possible. I believe I have begun this goal successfully. The week of April 28th, when all Herb McGruff orders have been shipped out, will mark a historic day on my calendar for me. I can't express to you all how excited I am about keeping these types of vinyl releases alive.

With that said, it is super extreme crunch-time for anyone who hasn't yet purchased their copies. It is now official as of April 16th, 2008 that we are down to the last 50 copies available of OLU-001 - Herb McGruff EP. Anyone who has received an invoice at this point and has not yet paid is in jeopardy of losing their reservation for their copies. Do not sleep. I don't want to be the one breaking it to anyone who came in too late with their pre-order payments that the record is gone and no longer available. I think it's amazing from a collector's standpoint that only 200 available copies of this record would exist in the entire world. Do not beat yourself in the head over this later! As a collector myself, I know the feeling when you pass up on a piece that you have the opportunity to obtain but procrastinate or decide against owning it at that time and miss out altogether. Then the day comes when you shell out triple the amount for it on eBay some years later, when you realized you slept. This has happened to me before, but don't let it happen to you if you are feeling this EP.

Ordering information can still be found here:

Now, for some HUGE news. One Leg Up has a 2nd vinyl release in the bag already. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about OLU-002. Knowing the pedigree that One Leg Up has brought you with our flagship first release, I only strive to outdo myself with every goal I reach towards. OLU-002 will also be a vintage 90's EP limited to 200 copies, but from a different artist/group with legendary material that has never seen the light of day on wax from an original source. I will be announcing this title in the first week of May, which is one week after our ship week for the McGruff wax. I will be taking pre-orders for OLU-002 at that time. I wanted to make sure that everyone who purchased their McGruff EP has a chance to receive it and feel great assurance in the quality and consistency of our vinyl releases. I assure you that OLU-002 will be a headbanger! With our 2nd release, you will be just as pleased, if not more pleased, than you were with the Herb McGruff EP. So if you thought I brought something heavy to the table with our label debut, you'll be in for quite a surprise. Ah, the suspense! I know... I know... But everything I do has a plan. I'm trying to help bring some excitement back into the scene and make sure timeless gems find their proper home on a twelve-inch phonograph record.

Do I sound like a brother on a mission?

Well if I do, it's only because the announcement of an OLU-002 coming soon was just the tip of the iceberg.

I will now unveil to you 2 more new fun facts about One Leg Up Records:

FACT #1 - I am giving away an exclusive bonus record for FREE. Yes, free. In comes OLU-LTD1. OLU-LTD1 will be an amazing collector's piece as it will also be a 12" vinyl of the same caliber as a regular One Leg Up release.

FACT #2 - OLU-001 and OLU-002 are actually two parts of a FIVE PART SET. Yes, there will be a five (5) part limited edition One Leg Up series. I guarantee that the next 4 releases will be incredible pieces. If you don't take my word now, take it as I unveil each title in the months to come. If you thought a 1994 EP by Herb McGruff with production from Godfather Don that also featured an authentic Big L posse cut demo produced by Buckwild was exceptionally ill, then you won't be able to imagine how much iller we're going to get. Word is bond. After the title for OLU-002 has been announced, the title for each succeeding release will be announced accordingly, giving enough time for each release to be pre-ordered and shipped out. So you will definitely want to stay in tune with our e-mail list in the months to come as further announcements are made.

THE 411:

The FREE bonus record will ONLY be available as a reward to those of you who will be supporting One Leg Up releases. What exactly does this mean? It means in order to receive this bonus wax, you must be a PURCHASER of all 5 records in this OLU series, purchasing at least 1 copy of each title direct from One Leg Up. And yes - that does include OLU-001 - so if you haven't supported Herb McGruff and pre-ordered your copy yet, you need to get that in ASAP in order to qualify for the giveaway at the end of our series. We're down to ONLY 50 copies of the McGruff EP, my friends! It is not a game anymore. I assure you all that the OLU-LTD1 bonus wax will be of the same quality standards I have strived to set with One Leg Up. This WILL be a piece you will want and it will absolutely NOT be for sale or available in any other fashion. The bonus wax will be extremely limited as it will only be pressed in enough quantity to supply each individual repeat purchaser with a copy. It will be shipped to all qualifying customers in the same package as OLU-005, our fifth and final record in this special five part series. If you've already purchased OLU-001 - you're all good so far! You don't want to miss out on our future releases but you definitely do not want to miss out on OLU-LTD1. I decided that this would be a great way to show appreciation to One Leg Up's repeat customers and true blue supporters.

Thanks to all once again and I look forward to lacing you guys with some serious hip hop music.

Hit me up at: if you have any questions whatsoever. I will be happy to answer any correspondence sent my way.

And if you haven't already, make sure you check out my exclusive interview with Herb McGruff here:

Peace and respect,
-Haj "4XL"
One Leg Up Records '08

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